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Welcome to Calf! Calf Notes is your source for pertinent, non-commercial and unbiased information on raising young dairy calves.

Be sure to read the latest Calf Note and visit the archives for previous articles. In addition, Calving Ease will provide an interesting perspective on the latest on calf and heifer rearing.

Calf Note #209 discusses a recent article in the Journal of Dairy Science regarding how energy in calf starters changes with advancing age and rumen development. As always, your comments are welcomed!

Exciting news!!!. Calf Notes is moving into the 21st Century! The same Notes will all be available, but in a new interface that is easier to maintain and update. Over the next few weeks, I'll be transitioning all Notes to this new site. You'll be able to acces Notes from either site for until the process is complete... tell me what you think!

Please Note!!!. I am changing the e-mail lists to be language specific, and to comply with many new privacy laws. I will maintain the old list for only a few more weeks, so please take a moment to go to the website and subscribe again. First, select the language you wish to use to read Calf Notes (English, Español, Português, or 中文), then use the subscribe "widget" to be added to that mailing list. You can sign up in different languages to receive notifications in multiple languages. As always, I will only use your information to notify you about updates to Calf

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14 July 2019 - New Calf Note #209

14 July 2019 - New Calving Ease July 2019

14 July 2019 - New Calving Ease June 2019

14 July 2019 - New Calving Ease May 2019

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