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Questions and Copyright Info

The information in Calf is based on research (published and unpublished), observation, anecdotal reports, comments of experienced calf raisers, and other sources. Calf should not be not be considered as the only source of calf management information. As always, calf raisers should work closely with their veterinarians and nutrition professionals to develop an optimal calf management program for their enterprise.

Calf is copyrighted by Dr. Jim Quigley. Calf Notes may be freely distributed (with complete citation) to those who can use it, including publication in trade magazines and review articles. Individual Calf Notes should be distributed in their entirety. Individual Calf Notes may not be sold, in whole or in part, without written permission of Dr. Jim Quigley.

Please send me a question to me related to your calf questions. Unfortunately, I can't give you veterinary advice -- that's for your veterinarian! Other questions, though, can be sent to me at

  Copyright - © 2002 Dr. Jim Quigley - All rights reserved.